Sunday, March 15, 2009


Because of my template it doesn't like where I placed my captions for Tori's pics post. Let's just say it's a caption puzzle, will ya? I think you'll figure it out quite easily.
Thanks for Understanding,

Turtle Pics + Shes eating!

Here are the pics of Tori I promised You! She's eating! isn't that amazing! We definitely know her favorite foods:
Bananas & Lettuce But because you have to feed them something different everyday, or rather not feed her the same thing everyday, it's harder to make her eat it.

I'm chillin' in my water Yay! Eating isn't so bad.

Tori walking on my bed Tori's almond shell


Saturday, March 14, 2009


Yesterday, I was riding my moms bike (mine broke, she never rides hers) and I ask Daddy to come play with me! BIG MISTAKE. (LOL) My dad tends to break things... a lot of things. I think you see where this is going...

If you don't here's what happend:

He Broke It.

He gets mad says " Don't Ride it." I however had a different idea:It can't be that bad, it just chipped a part off and rubs against the wheel and feels like I'm on gear 1. So I try to ride it, dad ees gets mad, I go cry to mom that he broke her bike, she says Grrr, I say it's just getting sunny.

Mom calls dad up, tells him go buy her a new bike, he says NO WAY, SHES GROUNDED! (i am hiding under a blanket hearing every word he says)

The next thing I new I was riding down my street with my new bike!

It's so awesome! It's pink and very old fashioned, so cute!

The second crap is because it's raining today, wich means I can't ride it. :(

The second yay is because I am now reading THE BEST BOOK SERIES! It's called "The Idian in The Cupboard" By Lynne Reid Banks All the books are called:

The Indian In The cupboard

The Indian Returns

The secret of the indian

The secret of the cupboard

I Greatly reccomend these books!

Note to Ali:

Has the boys read these already? If not, I know they would love it! It is highly action like, and I know they Love that.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1st night/day

Last night (Tori's first with us) went well. The only thing is...
SHE IS LOUD!! We keep her in my room and she is just movin' around and pushing her box.I caught her doing pushups! Is that normal? She is doing well and she loves to drink her water...
and lay in it!LOL. She is just so hot with that light! Like today I came home from school and she was in her bowl! She is such a goofball cause' she has a way to get to her corner but chooses to push her house and squeeze through! She is very confusing! I can't seem to find my camera...
I will find it and take pics though. I will definetly show Kaleb. He will love her...
Thanks for reading,

Monday, March 2, 2009


Ok So, IT'S A GIRL!!!! Her name is Tori Tinkle Turtle.
She just loves to roam around and play. She is very curious when you take her to new places.
She is so mellow and calm. She is not aggresive what so ever. She is the nicest turtle I know!
I promise to post some pics.
Plenty more to come,
Sheraden K.

I got A dude!... Or a Dudet!

Today(3/2) I got A dude/dudet. Wondering what it is.(gender wise) She/he is way faster than anyone would ever belive a turtle would be! She/He is sooo adorable! It walks around and hides, It loves it's mamma(me.) The problem is we don't know the gender! So, we can't name it. I am trying to look for a good name that suits both boys and girls. Any suggestions? She/He hasn't peed on me... YET. Some other problems are Tallie and Chase (Rusty pretty much chills, though he is very curious.) I am doing my best at keeping 'the others' away from my baby turtle.
Of course I still love my other babies! I love having pets, you know my pets are my BESTIES!(bestest friends of all my friends) They listen and know when you are sad. They handle you so well, it's like they know what you want them to do. Whether it's leave you alone or come comfort me. I love my pets and I really wan to welcome the newest mamber of our family, Turtle.