Sunday, February 21, 2010

Visit to california

I went to California to visit my grandad. It was nice. Although the weather could have been better, I had a great time. I got to go on walks with him, have awesome meals cooked by Gloria, and watch Gloria paint! She is a great painter and I cant wait to see the painting based on some of our photos! Me and Grandad got to go on the merry go round at the mall. I like to observe the way he complains about things. He has pretty good theories. They have a lot of animals! Tons of birds and fish and 2 dogs. Hopefully I get to visit again in the summer. For 2 weeks?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Made it

I am in California with my grandad. =) I have missed him so much! He's so funny. Ever since the stroke, he says things he doesnt mean. Like he will say: Me and Gloria went for a very long walk, like we walked for a whole month! (in his mind he was saying mile.) I love you grandpa Mickey!! I made my grandma a website like mine and all of yours. She was so stoked. She loves to paint nature so I posted a few posts of the photos of which she bases her art on. I am coming back in the summer by myself for like a month or something. I should move in for a year, help her out with my grandad. Me and my uncle reunited after a shocking 2 months!! We haven't seen eachother in forever! Haha. Don't worry, I wont rub the weather in your face... There is no weather to rub in your face. It is just as bad as Washington. I miss the evergreen! It feels SO weird not having all those trees. =( Well more to come!
Love you guys!