Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ear Piercing

On Saturday I got my ears pierced!!! Yay! I can't believe my mom let me get them pierced so early. I didn't even ask!! I saw these cute earrings at Claires and said "I wish my ears were pierced." And then she let me! Wow! I got tiny diamond square studs. They are pretty cute, but I can't wait for the real deal. April 30.

New Moon Is coming out on Saturday and I am SO STOKED!! Seriously I have been waiting since December for this day to come!! Can't wait for the big dramatic Reunion kiss!! Anyway, before I write 3 pages of my views of The Twilight Saga, I should log off...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!!

Yesterday was Dr. Seuess's B-day! He is one of my role models! He was an awesome author that I LOVED to read, and once in awhile these days. =) Maybe I should read more Dr. Seuss so I can read faster!! You have to know how to read fast to read Dr. Seuess books =P. So in honor of Dr. Seuess, at school we had green eggs and ham, and we had a day full of non-stop Dr. Seuess reading time! Mean while I am really getting into reading. I finished my latest book in 3 and a half hours tops!! Yeah I really love to read! I read the Twilight Saga in 2 and half weeks... That was an annoying 2 and a half weeks for everyone I know... They had to suffer me giving them lectures on how I think the book was THE BEST!!! New Moon was my FAVORITE!! Anyway, I am driving the train off track here... So anyway!! My favorite Dr. Seuess story is called "Happy Birthday to you!" My
mom read that to me when I was still in her tummy =) Ever since, I have loved that book!!
Another one of my favorite stories by Dr. Seuess is "Gertude McFuzz" Teaches you to appreciate who you are. =) Anyway, Hope you all had a great Seuess day!!!!!!!