Friday, May 8, 2009


Sorry it took me so long, very lazy lately.(very sorry to Jessica.) I loved it! It wasn't too hot, yet it wasn't too cool. It was like a bit hotter then Vegas. I loved seeing my family and how SHOCKED they were to see us. Caylee was soooo adorable.I cry almost everyday thinking how big she'll be when I See her next. I wish I could be close by them- see them every day like I used to. Never in my life would I have thought that they would move thousands of miles away, but they did. I am not giving up on them though. I would never do that. When me and Kiersten were 'kids' we made a promise that we would be roomates in college.I hope that we can still be roomates. I am pretty sure we can do it.
It was soooo fun to go places like the pinnacles(forms of rocks- I want to say)(look it up maybe),The cemitary(kangaroos hang out there)(I don't know why),the ocean!Yes it is a privelage to say I swam in the indian ocean, and walked on the edge of Australia.I was psyched to go to school!(sounds wrong but funner than ya think)They do have to wear uniforms but whatev.I experienced a lot, going back to kindgergarten, second/third grade and I got bumped up to 5/6th grade!!