Sunday, June 28, 2009


As I was typing My Life is A Garden, I was picking my tooth that wasn't even loose and posted the post, and I pulled out my not so loose tooth! WEIRD!!

My Life Is a Garden

This past week(Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday)I got to go to a church day camp. It was a lot of fun!! Last year the girls one year older than me made a skirt,and I thought I was gonna be able to make one this year. Me and mom went to Ben's and bought the fabric and blah, blah, blah. Then I find out that we aren't gonna make skirts because last year it was "Too Stressful" for the parents to buy the fabric, so this year they got the fabric and we made scripture bags. They are OK but definetly not what I wanted. Jessica said I could make the skirt with her. THANK YOU!!
We also learned a new song that has something to do with the theme and we learned it in sign language and presented it to our parents.It wasn't hard to learn at all but with my luck, my group got the alto part. It was definetly harder to get that part right with the hundred other girls singing soprano.The sign language was way easier to learn.
We had a lot of other activities and had a lot of other fun. I made new friends and got my old friend in my group! My sister Lauren came and ran a 1/2 marathon. She is amazing! I can't do the pacer in P.E. and she can run 13.1 miles in Seattle!Anyway she came in time for the presentation.
We went to David's Bridal (she's getting married) and we pretty much picked out the bride's maid dresses. We still have her tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday. Can't wait...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Tuesday, June 16, 2009 was my last day in fourth grade!Yay!! It is hard to believe That I am in 5th grade! But yet it is even more surprising that my twin nephews are in 6th grade!!! MIDDLE SCHOOL!! They are lucky to be home schooled because in Public School-public middle school that is, you don't get recess!! I know it so unfair. But instead of recess, they(publi middle schoolers) get to roam around the hallways and talk around their lockers. I don't think I look like a fifth grader, do I?