Friday, March 18, 2011

Waiting for my vacation!

I only have 12 more days till I leave to go see my neice! I have typed up a huge list of everything I am packing just to keep my sanity while waiting... lol. I am sooo not worried about the flight since it's later at night so I will most likely sleep through it. The only thing is though, is that there are three rows of seats, and three seats per row and not only am I in the middle row, but I am in the middle seat. Maybe I will ask to switch with one of my neighboors... anywayyyyyys... I got a new bather, plus a load of new clothes so I am super excited. I don't know if I will be able to post all the pics on here cuz I will have so many! lol. School is growing on me so I am officially staying @ HRMS. The sun seems to be staying out longer, which excites me! I always love when it's like 10pm and the sun is just then setting. Saturday I have a partay!!!! But I CAN STILL BABYSIT!!!
I really need the money so give me really long shifts!!! hahaha I will baby sit 10 times a day if I have to. But my vacation requires me to pay for my own things... I know it's weird the world people live in... bahaha jk. So anyone who needs a sitter, I AM HERE!!!
That about wraps up my present life... so ttyl!