Friday, June 24, 2011

Flying Solo

Okay, I know this is very delayed but better late than never right? So I flew (alone!!) to Georgia (where my sister lives). She had just had her baby, Elizabeth 2 months earlier. We planned to go to Charleston and stay on the beach!! I got to sight see and soak up some sun! It was really hot over there! Meeting my brand new niece was amazing! She is such a beautiful baby girl! I never knew just how many people stop and coo at babies!! That feeling never gets old (: I stayed for about two weeks, which made it so much harder to leave!! In Charleston, we went to Fort Sumter, a Ghost Tour, a plantation, and tasty restaurants! I got Beth to smile a BUNCH! She is such a happy baby. When we got back to Georgia, we went to The World Of Coke! It was so awesome! We got to see the history of coke and a new commercial for coke, and got to taste A BUNCH of coke products from all over the world. If you ever go, you have to try the Beverly. It's the best! I loved being reunited with my sister! I barely ever get to see her :( We cooked together and tried making peppermint patties... and semi-failed.. It was nice being away from my parents for a change. I really didn't want to leave! I found myself crying coming home rather than leaving! But the good news is I get to go back in August! I am so excited! And then they are coming here in the fall so I will get to see them once again!


Braydan and Jessica said...

Yeah, I'm so glad you get to see her again soon! Sisters are the best.