Monday, July 26, 2010

another yay Crap yay Crap day

Ok so I guess I will start with a yay! So on twitter I found the real Ashley Greene. Well i cheated.. She said her username on an interview and i just searched her.. But I did find her!!!!!!

So a crap... I found out that Breaking dawn pt 1 has to wait till nov. 18 2011. =*( Bummer big time. I started literally crying. Well at least I have full access to the book! Speaking of which I just finished for the 3rd time!

Yay.. I finally got my rob posters up! I even added ashley greene since she is such an inspiration to me!!!

Crap... The world will have ended b4 anyone can see part 2 of breaking dawn which is coming out summer of 2012... sad.. Hahahahaha


Lauren said...

You literally cried? Really? It is not the end of the world Sheraden. Oh, one day you will see that there is life outside of Twilight.... =)