Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Oregon Coast

I had the chance to go to to Oregon Coast with my family, where we stayed at a hotel right on the water! We stayed with my Aunt, who I haven't seen since I was shorter than my mom!!!! We laid on the beach, ate fancy seafood, and watched multiple movies! We could hear the waves crash right outside the room! The water was freezing, but the sun was out the whole time. I managed to get a decent tan. . . only to be disappointed because I fell asleep on my tummy. So all I escaped with was a back tan. Oh well.. We got to go to the Outlet malls, and I got some school clothes for school. I also got another Coach makeup bag, but bigger. Who knew the key to getting more Coach was getting more makeup? (: Me and my family don't spend that much time together; we all go do our separate things when we are all in the same place. So I guess that's why we managed to fight at least four times in four days! But we had tons of fun, and it was really nice getting away from the clouds!
You know how they say 'It doesn't matter where you are in the world, as long as you are with the people you love, it's home'? I beg to differ. The first night we were there, I craved my "home" surroundings. I was having separation anxiety from my computer the whole time! That's kinda sad.. but I did manage get a taste of home when Eclipse played on Showtime! I was so excited!
We also went to a lighthouse that had 112 stairs to the top! I joked that I had been training for this because of the 91 stairs there were to get to the beach from the hotel. It was so amazing! We had been watching the light from our suite, and we actually got to go up and see it! Very cool!
I got some funny stories about my dad from my Aunt Robin. You wouldn't believe how pathetic he was! Oh wait, yes you would! It was good though, to know that my dad had some fun when he was a kid, despite everything. I even got some ideas. . .
It was hard saying goodbye to my Aunt, but I am very glad to be home! I missed my kitty cat and my doggies!


Braydan and Jessica said...

Fun! I'm jealous you got to visit the real ocean! And see that cool lighthouse. It's always nice to come home though to your own bed. I understand :)